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“with KRA 2015 iTax CSV File Support!”

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For that small or medium sized organization that is looking for a better way to do employee payroll, there is probably no better solution than QuickPayroll®.

Designed to be simple and easy to use, QuickPayroll® does pay slips, monthly and periodic reports, and maintains these records. You can view preivous months records at any time.

Calculations for PAYE, NSSF (including new 2014 Two Tier Calculations) and NHIF are automatically done. Reports are available for each. Other transactions such as allowances, loans, savings and pension are also handled.

Now with iTax CSV (Comma Seperated Values) File data export - Do your payroll, let QuickPayroll create the file that you then import into the KRA P10 Spreadsheet. Define your format the first month by mapping what transactions to include in the file. Then every month after that, a few mouse clicks will have QuickPayroll recreate the file with updated information.

Save time. Let software work for you.

Discover QuickPayroll® today, and join the many satisfied users.